"Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages."
― George Washington

About 17 veterans commit suicide a day.

Veteran’s Administration. (2022). National veteran suicide prevention annual report. VA Suicide Prevention’s Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.


At least 107,400 individuals incarcerated are veterans.

Maruschak, L. M., Bronson, J., & Alper, M. (2021). Veterans in prison: Survey of prison inmates, 2016. (NCJ Publication No. 252646). U.S. Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Statistics.


Approximately 40,000 veterans and active servicemembers are currently homeless.

Tsai, J., & Rosenheck, R. A. (2015). Risk factors for homelessness among US Veterans. Epidemiol Review 37, 177–195. doi: 10.1093/epirev/mxu004


Why is a risk of incarceration, suicide, and homeless an issue? Because the claim process is greatly flawed and leads to a lack of financial stability after service, especially for those suffering from re-assimilating back into society.

Ho, D. E., Handan-Nader, C., Ames, D., & Marcus, D. (2019). Quality review of mass adjudication: Randomized natural experiment at the board of veterans appeals, 2003-16. Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 35(2), 239-288.


Veterans are sometimes censored, so advocacy is on the rise. Veterans are also under-reported for incarceration, homelessness, and suicide rates. Advocacy groups like ours and like the Disabled Veterans Organization are challenging this.

Krause, B. (2010-2023). Articles. Armo Press, LLC.


Bills that could make a major impact on the lives of veterans that were introduced without follow-through, so far.

H.R. 2485 – Helping Homeless Veterans Act of 2013

S. 2172 – Building Solutions for Veterans Experiencing Homelessness Act of 2021

H.R. 1282 – Major Richard Star Act

New York State legislation is leading the way in restoring VA benefits for those who were discharged other-than-honorable. "In 2019, the Restoration of Honor Act was signed into law in New York State. The Restoration of Honor Act authorizes DVS to restore access to State Veterans Benefits to Veterans who have an Other-Than-Honorable Discharge (OTH) or a General Under Honorable Conditions Discharge due to certain conditions."

New York State. (2019). Restoration of Discharge Act. New York State Department of Veterans' Services. 

The above research was conducted by Founder/President, MarieAnn C. Raguso during her PhD studies at Nova Southeastern University.