Meet Our Team

(Above image) Volunteers and Council Board Members at the 16 July 2023 First Annual Wellness & Resiliency Fundraiser

The Council Board

MarieAnn C. Raguso

"Marie" is the President and Founder of CCLT, a veteran, a PhD student, a College Adjunct Professor, an Ethnographer, and a published Poet. She is passionate about higher education, art and life hacks, holistic wellness, science, and appreciates most animals (especially, cats). Marie is the Crazy Cat Lady and is a cat mom. Her honors include, a Purple Heart Merit and Combat Action Medal.  It is crucial to know that although she loves comic books, her heart belongs to DC. Ironically, while deployed her call sign was the Dark Phoenix (a character reference from Marvel's X-Men series). 

Victoria Woody

Victoria is CCLT's amazing Creative Director. When she is not lending her excellent talents to our team, she is a busy mom and dedicated bad-ass. She hails from a military family with loved ones currently serving. She is passionate about family, music, sports, good food, her dog (Dixie), and trying new experiences. She is a Cub Scout leader and committee member committed to help shape the next leaders that will empower others to do great things. Her heart has so much love and compassion to give back to those that have and are currently serving to protect America. 

Brian Smarsch

Brian is CCLT's Treasurer. He enjoys traveling and trying new food, renaissance-related festivals, visiting museums, gaming, and hanging out with friends. When he is not volunteering his time with CCLT, he is either (a) assisting college students in his a full-time career as a Financial Aid Counselor within the State University of New York (SUNY) system or (b), volunteering with the Student Government Association (SGA) and other smaller organizations. Brian is an avid animal lover and is the child of a military veteran. 

The Ambassadors

Alastair Murdoch


Molly Vaughn


Jimmy Short