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James V Raguso Sr. Level

Patriot's Level

Patriot's Level

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Donations are accepted by way of monetary form. Sponsorship is a monetary exchange that benefits both the investor and the nonprofit in which the monetary gain is being received to support Crazy Cat Lady Therapy for Veterans, or CCLT’s mission and goals.

All sponsorship also offers intangible benefits, such as,


Sponsorship also has tangible benefits varying based on donation level; also known as, deliverables. This includes brand awareness, financial incentives, the reinforcement of a positive reputation, and validation of your dedication to the community and to helping veterans, current servicemembers, members of law enforcement, firefighters, and their families.


Sponsorship Levels

One-Time Sponsorship Donation: $150+:


Individual Donor: $250:


A Couple Klicks Level: $500 a year:


Ruck Up Level: $800 a year:


Patriot’s Level: $1,500 a year:


Philanthropist Level: $2,000 a year:

James V Raguso Sr. Level: $2,500+ a year:

This level honors the grandfather of the Founder/President, MarieAnn C. Raguso, who was a U.S. Navy Veteran.




*All printed material must be provided by the sponsor.

** Yule Market, Wellness & Resiliency Faire, Family Halloween Bash, Gobble Up some Laughs, gala events…