Our Mission

To serve our veterans, current servicemembers, and first responders by inspiring and uniting them through a community of compassion, respect, dignity, and accountability.  To provide alternative therapies through psycho-education, creative art workshops (i.e. poetry, charcoal drawing), and empowering activities (i.e. yoga, hikes). 

The Goal

Our goal is to reduce suicide, homelessness, and incarceration rates in veterans, current servicemembers, and first responders, and to build and/or replenish cognitive abilities and cement a positive social support system. 

A tax-exempt nonprofit organization under IRC § 501(c)(3) offering alternative therapies for those who serve and their families.

Our Tenets

1.  Have each other’s 6; leave no one behind.

2.  All humans are animals; therefore, treat all animals with respect and dignity, regardless of bipedalism.

3.  Be yourself while also being compassionate and tolerant to all members and patrons.

4.  Hold yourself accountable for your own actions; own up to your mistakes and help resolve them.

5.  Ensure a safe and tranquil environment for all.

6.  Trust is earned, not immediately given.

7.  Morals and beliefs may not infringe on the rights of others.